Zippo Multi-Purpose Torch


The Zippo Multi-Purpose Torch is a refillable, high-capacity butane torch that adds precision firepower to any toolkit. It comes with a variety of attachments, including a blower, soldering tips, and a chisel tip. The torch is ergonomic and child-resistant, and it has a height-adjustable flame that can reach up to 2,400°F/1,300°C. The torch is perfect for a variety of tasks, including soldering, shrink-wrapping, loosening hardware, and bending glass. It is also a great addition to any home or workshop.

  • Child-resistant operation
  • Large fuel tank; refillable with Zippo Butane for years of use
  • Self-storing blower attachment and chisel and fine-point soldering tips allow for a multitude of uses
  • Up to 2,400°F/1,300°C height-adjustable, high-precision flame
  • Continuous use button for hands-free operation

Torch Specs:

     Height: 8.70″ 
     Width: 5.70″
     Depth: 3.0″
     Weight: 0.83 oz.