Zeus Arc GTS Hub Vaporizer


Introducing the Zeus Arc GTS Hub Vaporizer, the pinnacle of vaporizing technology!

The Zeus Arc GTS Hub Vaporizer is a premium device with a 3500mAh battery and 3 temperature presets, utilizing Goldsink and Xtruder technology and a gold-plated heating chamber for unparalleled performance. It features haptic feedback for temperature accuracy, an ABV tray, and the ArcPod for advanced customization. Together with the Zeus Hub, vapor is cooled before reaching your lips for a cooler, smoother hit.


- 3500mAh Battery
- 3 Temperature Presets(401°F, 419°F, 437°F)
- Haptic Feedback
- Gold Sink and Vapor way for cooler Hits
- Easy to load Arc Pods
- 90 Minutes Continuous Use
- 3 Year Limited Warranty(With Zeus)

What's In The Box:

1x Zeus ARC GTS
1x Zeus Hub
1x Zeus Xtruder
1x Zeus ArcPods Triple Pack(15x ArcPods + 45 ArcPod Lids)
5x Zeus Purify Grime Wipes
5x Zeus Purify Grime Sticks
5x Zeus Purify Bristle Cleaners
1x USB Cable
1x Spacer
1x Flow Sink Tool
1x Zeus Arc Manual
1x Zues Hub Manual
1x Zeus Xtruder Manual