XIKAR HumiStore Humidification Bags with Water Pillow


XIKAR HumiStore® Bags offer convenient, hassle-free temporary storage for your cigars. Each sealed plastic bag contains an 8g 69% RH (Relative Humidity) XIKAR 2-Way Humidity Control packet, ensuring engineered freshness for up to 30 days. The XIKAR 2-Way Humidity Control system monitors the ambient RH and adjusts moisture levels to maintain a consistent 69% RH. With its precision engineering, it's impossible to over-humidify, as the system cannot exceed the RH level indicated on the packet. Plus, each XIKAR 2-Way Humidity Control packet is accurate to within +/- 1% in an airtight environment, ensuring optimal cigar storage conditions.Features:

- 8g 69% RH packet included.
- Humidifies cigars up to 30 days.
- Ideal for temporary travel.