Wulf Mods Recon Cartridge Vaporizer


The Wulf Mods Recon Cartridge Vaporizer is the perfect choice for those who want a reliable, efficient oil vaporizer. Featuring a 2-gram capacity, LED display, variable voltage, and convenient USB-C charging, it provides a seamless vaping experience. Enjoy a customizable experience with maximum control over your vaporization levels.


-LED Display
-Variable Voltage
-650 MAH Voltage 
-USB Type-C Charging

The Recon vaporizer is designed to fit 2-gram cartridges and provides three variable voltage settings (2.8V-Green, 3.4V-Blue, and 3.8V-Red) to cater to your individual preferences. With a sturdy 650mAh battery, this vaporizer ensures extended usage without the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, it comes with a USB-C cable for quick charging, ensuring that your sessions remain enjoyable.


Getting Started: To turn the device on or off, press the power button located below five times. When you wish to adjust the voltage settings, press the button three times or take three inhalations through the mouthpiece, and the LED lights will display various colors to indicate the voltage levels.

To activate the preheating mode, simply inhale or press the bottom button twice. To stop the preheat cycle, press the button once. These user-friendly controls make it easy and convenient for you to enjoy your vaping sessions.

Loading Your Cartridge: To load your cartridges, begin by removing the mouthpiece from the cartridge. Then, carefully fill your chosen amount of oil into the cartridge. Once you've loaded the oil, firmly screw the cartridge onto the bottom of the device. Next, connect the bottom part of the device to the top, and the indicator lights will flash to confirm a successful connection.

Charging Instructions: For the initial charge, it's important to charge the device for a full two hours. However, after the first charge, refrain from charging it for more than an hour to extend the device's lifespan. While charging, pay attention to the LED lights - a red light signifies that it's currently charging, and a green light indicates that it has reached a full charge. Following these guidelines will help you keep your Recon in excellent condition for extended use.

Troubleshooting Issues: If your device is experiencing issues, the indicator lights will provide information about what might be wrong. For instance, if there's no cartridge detected, you'll see a white light flash three times. In the case of a red light, it indicates that the battery's voltage has dropped below 3.2V. For more detailed troubleshooting assistance, please consult the user manual.

Whats in the box:

-1 Wulf Recon
-1 USB Type-C Charger
-1 User Manual