Ooze Duplex 2 Replacement XL Tips - 2 Pack


The XL Nectar Tip utilizes the same patented Azul ceramic found in our Onyx Atomizers. This unique ceramic incorporates specialized pathways that allow your concentrate to seep in, instantly vaporizing and producing voluminous clouds with each draw. Unlike traditional bucket-style atomizers, the XL tip positions the ceramic plate externally, resembling a wand that directly touches your concentrate for dabbing.

Nectar straw handheld devices streamline the dabbing process, eliminating the need to transfer wax from the jar to another container. The XL tips boast ample surface area thanks to their truly XL size. Simply take gentle sips while gently tapping the tip against your wax to draw vapor.

Avoid pressing the tip forcefully into your wax and holding it there, as this may lead to excessive melting of your concentrate. Optimize your precious extracts by employing a light touch and focusing on sipping rather than aggressive inhalation.