Lookah Dragon Egg - Portable E-Rig


The Dragon Egg from Lookah contains great power and an even better look.

The Dragon Egg looks awesome, and works just as well. It has a build in bubbler with great percolation and a large and long lasting battery. It has 3 Voltage settings for you to find your special favorite temperature to hit your concentrates at. The Quartz coils it comes with produce awesome flavor and the bubbler makes for smooth hits. The Bubbler/chamber are made of Perspex making it much safer to carry than any other glass rig.


- 950mAh Battery
- 3 Voltage Settings(3.2V, 3.6V, 4.0V)
- Water Bubbler
- Detachable Parts
- Quartz Coil

What's In The Box:

x1 Lookah Dragon Egg
x2 Quartz Coils