Gamer Battery by Hamilton Devices


The Gamer Battery by Hamilton Devices is an awesome and efficient way to be able to hit your cartridge easily and quickly.

It is inhale activated with 3 voltage settings so you can vape easily at your favorite temperature from a vape hanging from your neck. It also has a magnet so that your cartridge can stay attached to the battery without it hanging off. It has never been easier to hit your vape with a controller or mouse and keyboard in your hand. It also has USB-C charging and comes in 3 colors.


- 450mAh Battery
- 3 Voltage Settings(3.2V, 3.4V, 3.7V)
- USB-C Charging
- Magnetized Cartridge Holder and Battery
- Hangs on Lanyard Necklace

What"s In The Box:

x1 Gamer Battery
x1 USB-C Cable
x1 Lanyard