Blazer Top-Z Dual Flame Butane Insert Lighter


Enjoy the look and feel of your favorite flip-stop case lighter and the added benefit of two wind resistant blue torch flames.  

The Top-Z Insert fits most popular flip-top lighter cases and instantly transforms the original lighter. Eliminate the need for flints and handling messy smelly lighter fluid. The Top-Z Insert easily slides into your existing lighter case with no modification. Simply remove the old insert and replace with the Top-Z.  

Use it whenever you're on the go. The wind resistant flames are ideal for outside use. Whether you’re driving down the coast, on the beach, boating, on the golf course or just walking down the street you'll get fast reliable torch flames every time.  You can easily convert back and forth between a traditional flame and torch flame by simply swapping inserts whenever you would like.


  • Powerfull Twin Torch Flame
  • Wind Resistant
  • No Flint
  • Butane Refillable
  • No more messy, Smelly Lighter Fluid
  • Easily swap between Inserts
  • No modification to Lighter Case