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Beamer Candle Co Smoke Killer Collection - USA Made Candle


Introducing Beamer Candle Co's 4 and 12 oz Smoke Killer Candle, the ultimate solution to rid your home of unwanted odors! Say goodbye to masking scents and hello to fresh, clean air.

Crafted with a unique blend of odor-killing enzymes, this candle doesn't just cover up smells—it eradicates them. Enjoy a light, refreshing aroma that permeates your space, leaving it smelling pristine.

Each candle is poured into a reusable 12 oz glass mason jar, adding a touch of rustic charm to any room. Made with a soy blend wax and featuring a lead-free wick, you can relax knowing you're enjoying a clean burn with every use.

With an impressive 90-hour burn time, this candle ensures your home stays fragrant all day long. Upgrade your ambiance with our 12 oz Smoke Killer Candle today!