Beamer Candle Co

Bake Sale - Donut Pattern - 5 Piece 63MM Aluminum Herb Grinder


Introducing the Bake Sale 4-piece aluminum grinders, equipped with the latest must-have features for smokers. Crafted from durable aircraft-grade aluminum, these grinders boast ergonomic grips for effortlessly smooth grinding. Their innovative curved teeth are designed to effortlessly shred even the most adhesive herbs. Plus, say goodbye to clogged screens thanks to the easily removable magnetic screen. To top it off, the rounded bottom chamber prevents pollen buildup and includes a sturdy guitar pick scraper.

Every Bake Sale grinder is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and showcases the stylish Donut Pattern top design.

-5 piece, 63MM Wide 
-A removable magnetic screen
-Very smooth grinding action
-Unique curved pollen collector compartment with a pick